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Philosophy of Development The HCor – Hospital do Coração [Hospital for the Heart] is a philanthropic institution created to offer the most advanced technology in the world to needy children in terms of cardiologic procedures.

In a very short span, it became one of the main centers for the treatment of cardiovascular illnesses in Latin America, bringing thus important contributions to the treatment of cardiopathies and to education. All this experience contributed to its expansion in other areas of medicine, making it also a reference in other specialties.


Promote the recovery of health with excellence and ethics by acting as a pioneer in cardiology, sharing technological resources and knowledge with other specialties; linking education and clinical research, valuing the multiprofessional and multidiscipline participation in humanized assistance, and aiming at the prevention and wellbeing with quality of life.


Maintain and expand the level of the institution, and the national and international acknowledgement by identifying, attracting and retaining professionals with technical, scientific and social potential.


• Appreciation of life
• Quality
• Ethics
• Technological pioneering
• Social and environmental responsibility
• Education and research
• Humanization
• Professional appreciation and integration

Hospital do Coração, three decades of excellence in cardiology

The HCor - Hospital do Coração – is currently ranked as one of the main reference centers in Latin America. Located in the Paraiso neighborhood in the city of Sao Paulo, the institution was created three decades ago to tend patients who were suffering from cardiac illnesses. During this period, it diversified its scope of services and offers treatment in 37 medical specialties today, such as orthopedics, traumatology, oncology, neurology, urology, gastroenterology, surgery in diverse specialties, image diagnosis, sports medicine, and nutriology, among others. In order to accomplish its social mission as philanthropic hospital, the HCor offers the most advanced technology in cardiologic procedures to needy children. Thus, all the resources of the institution are redirected to research, acquisition of last generation equipment, and especially to tend little needy cardiopathy patients, many times newborns, who arrive from different parts of the country.

Directed by Prof. Dr. Adib Jatene, the Hospital do Coração has more than 700 highly trained physicians who are specialized in their respective areas of performance. Together with the technical quality of its professionals, the HCor has the most advanced technology within the health care area in Latin America, with a highlight for the Diagnosis Center – which performs more than 1,2 million exams annually.

A pioneer in technology – the HCor was the first in the country to offer the 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance service for clinical use. It was also the first in Latin America and the fourth worldwide to perform Angiotomography of coronary arteries. It recently announced the acquisition of a 64-incision tomograph, which enables the assessment of the central nervous system, small bodily structures and organs such as the heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and the urinary tract. The real-time, three-dimensional Echocardiogram, which allows a precise vision of the heart, is another device that places the HCor within the select group of hospitals that service the most demanding international standards for excellence.

Regarding treatment and procedures, the HCor also reaches first world levels. It was the pioneer in the performance of cardiac transplants, and the first to perform a cardiopulmonary transplant in Brazil in 1985. The performance of more than 40 thousand cardiac surgeries can be accounted for in its medical records, including the philanthropic service it offers since the 80’s to needy children who suffer from cardiopathy therein. In 2006 alone, there were 1,200 itinerant consultations and 300 highly complex surgeries performed in children.

Expansion: Today, the structure of the Hospital do Coração counts with 31 thousand square meters of built area, 216 beds, 10 surgery rooms for highly complex procedures, interconnected emergency center with a heliport, surgical center, coronary unit, laboratory, hemodynamics centers, structure for scientific events, and a library, among others.

The institution will expand its structure as a hospital significantly in the next five years. The first part of the physical expansion will be concluded at the end of 2006, and includes the rebuild of a newly acquired, 5,900-square-meter building that is located in front of the hospital, where the administrative areas and nearly 50 consultation rooms will be sheltered. A second 4,500-square-meter building is under construction and will be opened in the middle of 2008. A second stage foresees the construction of the third building in front of the current one.