About us

We exist to take care of people and strengthen health. We are committed to putting this objective into practice in the care for our patients every single day. It is already more than 45 years of history and, through all this time, we have experienced many remarkable changes. We grew, developed ourselves and have become one of the best hospitals in the country. But our essence remains the same, turned into an intimate relationship of welcoming and dedicating yourself tirelessly to those who need the most. Because what you feel, for us, makes all the difference.

We build a legacy that inspires us for the future

We are a philanthropic organization and, through the Beneficente Síria Association, we share our care and experience in initiatives that we are proud of. In partnership with the Department of Health, we help SUS (public health system) with assistance, educational and research projects in all Brazilian states. In Sao Paulo city, we offer services to communities on three main pillars : Intrauterine Intervention, Congenital heart disease and supporting refugees.

Our specialty

We became a multi-specialist hospital to offer the better care in important segments, such as cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, neurology and diagnostic medicine.

International Patients

Medical Specialties

  • • Angiology and vascular surgery
  • • Arrhythmia
  • • Pediatric cardiology and fetal unit
  • • High complexity cardiovascular and chest surgery
  • • Cardiac insufficiency
  • • Clinical care programs
  • • Cardiac, pulmonary and metabolic rehabilitation
  • • Cardiovascular hybrid room
  • • Coronary angioplasty
  • • Tele cardiology
  • • Heart transplant

Prof. M.D Fabio Jatene
Medical Leader
CRM 97291

M.D Rafael Schmerling

M.D Rafael Schmerling
  • • Reference Hospital
  • • Exclusive area
  • • Monitoring pregnant women
  • • Multidisciplinary follow-up
  • • Surgical treatments soon after birth
  • • Lifelong accompaniment
  • • Outpatient care (consultations)
  • • Neo-specialized ICU
  • • Imaging tests (necessary to confirm and clarify the diagnosis of congenital heart disease)
  • • Heart transplants
  • • Conventional surgeries
  • • CHybrid surgeries (surgeon and hemodynamicist)

Currently, congenital heart disease is the second leading cause of death for children throughout Brazil, second only to brain malformation.

M.D Ieda Jatene
Medical Leader Clinical Staff
CRM 35968

M.D Ieda Jatene

M.D Ieda Jatene


M.D Marcelo Jatene M.D Marcelo Jatene

Surgical Medical Team

M.D Carlos Neto M.D Carlos Neto

ICU Team

M.D Simone Pedra M.D Simone Pedra

Fetal Team

M.D Carlos Pedra M.D Carlos Pedra

Hemodynamic Team

  • • Integrated Clinics (the surgeon, the radiotherapist and the clinical oncologist, all in the same consultation)
  • • Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis Program (screening tests for early detection)
  • • Dentistry for the cancer patient (early diagnosis of dental alterations, guidance and differentiated treatment)
  • • Geriatric oncology (personalized service)
  • • Palliative care (humanized service)
  • • Radiotherapy

M.D Rafael Schmerling
Medical Leader Oncology Service
CRM 97291

M.D Rafael Schmerling

M.D Rafael Schmerling


M.D Ulysses Ribeiro Jr. M.D Ulysses Ribeiro Jr.

Medical Leader Oncology Surgery Service

M.D João Victor Salvajoli M.D João Victor Salvajoli

Medical Leader Radiotherapy Service

  • • Spine, shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, foot and ankle
  • • Clinical care – total knee (TKA) and hip (TKA) arthroplasty
  • • Pediatric orthopedics
  • • Orthopedic emergency service
  • • Physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation

M.D Gilberto Camanho
Medical Leader
CRM 16254

M.D Gilberto Camanho

M.D Gilberto Camanho
  • • Tele consultation
  • • Home care
  • • Hcor Easy Collection
  • • Clinic Check-up
  • • iSchemaView RAPIDTM
  • • Laboratory
  • • Artificial intelligence

M.D Abdalla Skaf
Medical Leader
CRM 78594

M.D Abdalla Skaf

M.D Abdalla Skaf
  • • Hybrid room
  • • Gamma Knife
  • • Prevention and healthy aging
  • • Neurological diseases
  • • Computed tomography with O-Arm

Our Services

Health Insurances

  • International SOS Assistance
  • Aetna International (WA)
  • Allianz World Wide Care Limited
  • ASA - Assistance Services of the Americas, INC
  • Asfe
  • Axa Assistence Redefining Service
  • Beijing Healthlink Services COLTD (WA)
  • Best Doctors
  • Best Doctors Insurance Holding, LLC
  • BMI (Salud)
  • Bupa Insurance Company
  • Cega Group (WA)
  • Cigna Life Insurance Company
  • Consulado Geral do Urguai
  • Coris Bulgária
  • Euro Center ltda
  • Europ Assistance
  • European Benefits
  • Ever ( Salud)
  • Expacare
  • Generali Global Health Services - GGHS
  • Geo Blue
  • Global Benefit Group - GBG (Salud)
  • GMMI - Global Medical Management
  • Goodhealth Worldwide (WA)
  • HealthCare - MGEN ( Salud)
  • Henner International Administration
  • IMG International Medical Group INC (WA)
  • International SOS Assistance
  • Iris Global Soluciones de Asistencia S.A.U (WA)
  • Iris Global Soluciones de Protección Seguros Y Reaseguros S.A.U. (WA)
  • Iris Global Soluciones, S.L (WA)
  • ITA International Travel Assistance (WA)
  • MCI assist SL WA
  • Medihealth (Medilink - Thailand Co) (WA)
  • Mobility Asfe (WA)
  • Mobility Benefits (WA)
  • Mobility European Benefits (WA)
  • Mobility Expacare (WA)
  • Mobility Previnter (WA)
  • Mobility Saint Honore
  • MSH China (WA) MSH International (WA)
  • Nordic Heatlh Care (WA)
  • Now Health International (WA)
  • Olympus Managed Healthcare (WA)
  • Previnter
  • Redbridge Centro America (WA)
  • SAA International Assistance (WA)
  • Salud Valor Avaliação de Contas Médicas LTDA
  • Seven Corners International Provider Network
  • Vumi Group (WA)
  • WA Globality LLC
  • Whealth International (WA)
  • World Medical - WMM Solutions Brasil LTDA

How can we help you?

Hcor provides the Ombudsman Service, which is the communication channel between hospital areas and clients and their families.

For criticisms, suggestions or compliments, fill out the form below to get in touch with the Hcor team.

Opening hours are from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday.


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