Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

The HCor Research Institute was launched in 2007. Since the beginning, it was designed to have as major differentials the development, execution and publication of large-scale and high-impact clinical studies.

The studies elaborated by the HCor Research Institute have always focused on topics such as: clinical impact, national and international guidelines modifications, influence on health polices, clinical practice improvement, immediate practical applicability within the scenario of priority diseases prevention and treatment.

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Developing high impact clinical trials is our major differential.

HCor Research Institute Highlights


    • In 2008 it was signed a partnership between the HCor Research Institute and the Ministry of Health – BR through PROADI-SUS, favoring the development of large studies focused on public health issues.

    • After the ACT study presentation in 2010 at the Late Breaking Trials session of the American Heart Association (AHA) Congress, the American guidelines no longer recommended the use of acetylcysteine for contrast-induced renal injury prevention. This was the first study created and coordinated by the HCor Research Institute.

    • Recognizing the importance of generating evidences coming from the real world (Real World Evidence), the HCor Research Institute explores research designs that meet this need. On that way, we seek both the continuous improvement in the conduction of clinical practice registries in partnership with Medical Societies as well as more innovative designs such as cluster-randomized clinical trials.

    • With innovative methodology, the BRIDGE-ACS study demonstrated that a behavioral intervention applied to the healthcare teams improves the quality of care to patients with acute myocardial infarction. The results were presented in 2012 at the Late Breaking Clinical Trials session of the American College of Cardiology ACC Congress, with simultaneous publication in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association). From this on the research line of clinical practice improvement through randomized clusters studies was consolidated.

    • The CHECKLIST-ICU study that tested the daily checklists effect on assisting the multi professional team aiming care improvement at the intensive care units was the study that consolidated the HCor Research Institute Intensive Care area. It was presented at the Hot Topics Session of the European Society of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine congress and published in JAMA in 2015.


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Mission, Vision and Values


To develop clinical research projects with national and international impact, to generate and apply clinical practice knowledge focusing on innovation.


To expand the academic culture through efficient operations, process innovation and collaborative network strengthening.


  • Pioneering
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

HCor Research Institute Team

  • Research Institute CEO

    • Dr. Alexandre Biasi Cavalcanti – MD, PhD
  • Research Institute Manager

    • Lígia Nasi laranjeira
  • Clinical Researchers

    • Dr. Fernando Godinho Zampieri – MD, MHS, PhD (Coordinator)
    • Dr. Helio Penna Guimarães – MD, PhD
    • Dr. Jose Amalth do Espírito Santo – MD
    • Dr. Leticia Barbosa Kawano Dourado – MD, PhD
    • Dr. Pedro Gabriel Melo de Barros e Silva – MD, PhD
    • Dr. Leonardo Carvalho – MD, PhD
    • Dra. Aline Marcadenti de Oliveira – RD, PhD
  • Site Management

    • Denise Paisani (Coordinator)
    • Camila Torreglosa
    • Flavia Kojima
    • Isabella de Andrade Jesuino
    • Priscila Regina Torres Bueno
    • Rafael Marques Soares
    • Samara Pinheiro do Carmo Gomes
    • Tamiris Abait Miranda
    • Alline Stach de Souza
    • Bruna Martins Pereira Vianna
    • Rachel Helena Vieira Machado
  • Data Management

    • Eliana Santucci (Coordinator)
    • Angela Cristina Bersch Ferreira
    • Eliana Vieira Santucci
    • Bruna dos Santos Sampaio
    • Leila de Oliveira Silva
    • Lucas Martins de Lima
    • Viviane Bezerra Campos
  • Regulatory Affairs Management

    • Nanci Valeis (Coordinator)
    • Beatriz Gonzales Pacheco da Silva
    • Juliana Rodrigues Yamashita dos Santos
    • Karina Leal Negrelli
  • Statisticians

    • Lucas Petri Damiani (Coordinator)
    • Renato Hideo Nakagawa Santos
  • Administrative Secretary

    • Maria Conceição Tavares Gomes Kawamura
  • Administrative Assistants

    • Nicole Andrade Perez
    • Gabriela Vasconcelos Batista
    • Bruno Martins Fernandes Dias
  • Randomization System and e-CRF

    • Alessandra Akiko Kodama
    • Priscilla Gonçalves Rodovalho Oliveira